Terms and Conditions

It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with this Agreement prior to allowing our technician to begin work. Allowing our technician to commence service constitutes acceptance of this Agreement in its entirety.

Estimates remain valid for 7 days. Any payment by customer (be it deposit, parts and/or labor, etc.) constitutes acceptance of the estimate and agreement to all of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions.

All appointments are set, based on earliest availability, between 8am-5pm. We will assign 3 hours window for scheduled service and request your confirmation by email and phone call. During the scheduled service date, the assigned 3 hour window appointment  is subject to change without notice but our customer support will always try to monitor or update our client & customer, however we cannot gaurantee this during the scheduled service date ( You can track monitor the progress of your technician by going into this page https://advanceappliance.ca/techtracking/ . The appointment can be reschedule anytime but Advance Appliance Ltd. Technicians are not responsible for such delays or late ( each job or work varies due to complexity of each appliance being serviced ).  If you fail to confirm the appointment, we cannot guarantee the service. Part installation appointments will not be scheduled until part(s) have arrived. Job stautus can be monitor by going into this link https://advanceappliance.ca/jobstatus/ . Provide the necessary details to access your job status. Customer also can reach out to support@advanceappliance.ca or call us during business hours. 

A customer can request a service call to the job by a qualified technician. It will be billed form the time technician leaves office to travel to the job and the time required to analyze the problem (not including the repair). A service call fee will also be charged in cases where customer does not wish to proceed with the job for whatever reason (e.g., it costs more to repair the unit than it’s worth). It will be waived if customer decides to accept our quote, pay deposit for parts and partial labor to have us perform the job. A service call fee is non-refundable , non negotiable – no discount – no promotional code applicable . The customer will be responsible for the service call fee if the problem is caused, or possibly caused by a source other than the appliance itself: installations issues, plumbing issue, electrical issues, venting duct clogged or any other issue not related to the appliance.
Customer shall provide suitable parking. Our technician will may cancel service if parking is not available on streets with Restricted Permit Parking only.

Includes ; Cost of parts ( if parts are needed ) + Fees for handling and shipping of parts ( if parts are to be ordered, pickup or shipped from supplier ) + Cost of labor towards the technician/s that will be performing the repair. Most repairs we charge flat rates but some condition applies: We consider the type of work involve, If any of this conditions are required to repair the appliance with subject to client or customer approval,  repair labor will vary and a new repair estimate will be provided to the client or customer. The conditions can be any within this list 1. It needs two or more technicians, 2. Repair timeline exceeds 2 labor hours, 3. Repair and correcting installation problem ( repair and re-installation rate applies )  4. Combo washer and dryer appliance ( is considered 2 appliances to be serviced if both needs repair or inspection) 5. Additional parts are required to fix the appliance 6. Not Standard repair ( for ex. Installing new compressor on a refrigerator, Sealed system repair, replacing a bearing for a washing machine, unit is stacked and need to be separated for access ).  Approved estimates will converted to an invoice and the client or customer will be responsible to pay whichever is greater 50% of the total cost of repair or full payment on parts and labor no less than the service fee, no refunds are  applicable if the technician already performed the repair procedure and the customer has already approved the repair, regardless of the status completed or partially completed (ex. Technician already ordered parts, Diagnostic was completed, Temporary repairs, Sealed system repair, Bearing replacement ). 

For any standard repairs of the appliance we charge flat rates based on customers servicing location. Standard repairs excludes all sealed system repair for refrigerators and all other cooling appliances that uses the same system ( replacing compressor, coils, filter drier , tubing  ) or bearing replacements for a washing machines,  Pre-quoted Flat rates for Clients or Customers during the initial booking online, scheduling of the appoinments will be subject to change with any of this following conditions apply. 1.)  Not the intended work mentioned  2.) Unable to explained properly or provide a completed details  of the issue discussed via phone, email, text, 3.) Adding extra applainces 4.) need extra tech for lifting or moving appliance , Please note that Technicians can only provide an exact repair price &  labor rates only after completing diagnoses of the appliance/s. 

A cancellation fee of same amount with the service call or diagnostic fee during this appointment was setup will be charge to the customers for no show.
To cancel an appointment, client or customer must contact Advance Appliance Ltd. customer support during normal business hours before the scheduled service date. If  client or customer fails to notify us via phone call only, , If a client or customer cannot be reached or not at home at the scheduled service date or time. As a customer you have a responsibility to inform us by phone call as soon as possible if you cannot keep your appointment. No Voicemails, Emails, Text  are aloud when cancelling your appointment. A service call can be cancelled only with a live agent and that agent can update the schedule of the technician immediately

The repair is considered completed if the customer paid for it in full and/or signed the acceptance form. Payment of services in full will also indicate the customer has reviewed and tested the appliance and the service is completed to their satisfaction. We offer no refunds on completed or ongoing repairs.

Customer agrees to release Advance Appliance Ltd. its owners, employees and technicians from any and all liability, express and implied, arising out of damages and expenses of any kind resulting from repair of customer’s appliance(s).

a) A Person of  18 years of age or older must be present at time of service.
b) Customer must have a valid form of payment readily available at all times during the technician’s scheduled visit. We do not accept cheques.
c) Technician must have unrestricted easy access to the appliance, without interference from children, pets and other distractions. Dismount washer and dryer, if stacked, and empty the appliances.
d) Customer shall not smoke cigarettes near technician.

e) For Standard or Extented warranty claims – prepare any of the following  to validate your claim – Proof purchase, Proof Delivery, Possession date for new appliances , The (model and serial should match with the appliance being serviced , No warranty claims without manufacturers verifications and manufacturers dispatch job # or reference #. All warranty claims should be approve by manufacturer, Warranty is subject to your manufacturers warranty policy – Please refer to your manual and look for the warranty page section. No warranty for external cause, improper usage, improper install , Customer will be responsible to pay Service fee, Diagnostic Fee, Travel, Parts cost, Shipping or Handling ,Labor if warranty does not applies. Any unpaid accounts, invoices, bills,  will be sent to a third party collection agency after 90 days all collection expenses will be added its cost to the original unpaid invoice plus interest. See section IX.Payment

All work must be paid for upon completion of job unless credit account arrangements have been made prior to the original service call. All amounts overdue will incur a late fee of 1.5% per month or the highest rate allowed by law, whichever is smaller. You agree to pay all collection expenses including, but not limited to attorneys’ fees.

Our standard install charge covers installation only of an appliance does not include disposal of old appliance, without the need to disturb/remove any other fixture. Repair or modification of gas, water, ventilation or electrical systems is not included. We do not verify regulatory compliance of such systems; it is the customer’s sole responsibility. Installation charge quoted does not include cost of materials such as vent hoses, water lines, gas lines, hoses, fittings, etc. If a second person is required to install an appliance (e.g., stacked washer and dryer), such additional person will be billed extra. Service call fee will be charged if installation cannot proceed during scheduled time.

We only use original or OEM parts or better. If the parts we use fail during warranty period, we will pay for replacement parts but you will have to pay the shipping and handling fees. If parts fail due to normal wear and tear outside of the warranty period, we will charge our regular rate for replacement parts and labor. We offer a 15-day money back guarantee on parts bought separately / over the counter. After that period, a restocking fee of 25% will apply. Shipping or handling is non-refundable. Electrical or special-order parts cannot be returned.

We are not responsible for any work that is not performed by us, even if a customer followed our recommendations.

A. Our 90-day warranty covers only the same problem that we attempted to repair. It does not cover any other problems, repairs performed by others or if malfunction was not because of our errors (e.g., weather damage, pests). This warranty is exclusive to customer and cannot be transferred to anyone else. Void in case of improper appliance usage, maintenance and relocated appliances. A service call will be charged if service technician is dispatched more than once to address the same warranty issue but cannot find a defect or it turns out to be outside of warranty. We reserve the right to decide whether it is best to not offer a warranty. If our technician investigates the malfunction(s) and finds secondary issue(s) unrelated to the workmanship performed by our technician, we will and provide you with a quote on the cost(s) associated with the repair. No refund will be issued on labor or parts already provided. Partial refunds can be offered at our discretion. No warranty on damage caused by external problems or interference by anyone else (other than our technicians) sensing or tampering with the repair.

B. No warranty for any services or repairs to all common laundry centers that are heavily used ( Heavily usage means that a machine are used by more than 1 Family ) or installed for commercial use.


This repair will be made for due consideration. I confirm that this repair will be paid for by the manufacturer warranty / extended warranty / service agreement. I agree that my liability for the cost of this repair is not waived and agree to be personally responsible for the cost of this repair in the event the manufacturer / service contract company / extended warranty provider fails to pay any portion of the full amount of these charges based on warranty limitations (it is your responsibility to familiarize the manufactures warranty/ extended warranty / service agreement warranty limitation), or if the warranty provider fails to pay any portion of the full amount of these charges based on warranty limitations, or if the warranty provider fails to make payment. In the event that I am directly billed for all or a portion of the cost of this repair, I agree that I will remit said charges within 10 days of the billing date, as well as the reasonable cost of collection, including any attorney fees.

We are not responsible if damage is caused by.

a) Moving the appliance. Technicians are not required to move the appliance but, if he or she agrees to do it for you, we cannot be held liable for resulting damages.

b) Water leaks. You understand the risks inherent in working on appliances connected to a building’s plumbing system. Accordingly, we shall not be liable for unintended leakage and flooding.

c) Defective cooling

d) Lifting a glass cooktop to access parts under it can result in breakage for which we will not be liable.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone using our reasonable discretion, particularly in cases of disrespectful or disruptive customers, danger to technicians, conflict with our terms and conditions. A service call fee will be charged for services refused due to customer’s fault.

Confirming your appointments or accepting our service: means you accept all Terms and Condition listed in our “Terms and Condtiions” page. Advance Appliance Ltd. does not allow you “customers or clients” to make False ( not true ), Defamatory review or statement to Advance Appliance ltd. without giving Advance Appliance Ltd. chance to resolve issues related to our service. Escalated concerns or issues must be communicated via email for documentation purpose. You “client or customer” must gave Advance Appliance Ltd. Unlimited consecutive chance or attemps to resolve any matters or concern/ concerns to resolved issues related to the appliance originally being serviced or repair. If Advance Appliance Ltd. concludes that the issue cannot be resolve due to Technical or Parts issue, We will reimburse or refund any refundable amount or payments ( excluding service fees, diagnostic fees, leak testing, Sealed system repairs or labor applied or performed already by the technician during the servicing or repair procedure ). You “client or customer” aware to pay our service rates, labor fees and parts , shipping or handling fees, discussed, estimated or invoiced explained to you ( Client or customer ) in any situatiuons like prior,during after the appointment, Some parts cannot be refunded if a parts cannot be returned (ex. special order, backordered parts) . Please be aware that when you called Advance Appliance Ltd. Staff or Advance Appliance Ltd. Staff called you (client or customer) all conversations are recorded for quality and training purpose also maybe used as evidence when you “client or customer” had commited to create a conflict with our Terms and Conditions.

Our technicians have the right to privacy. Taking pictures, recording audio or videos while our technicians are performing repairs are prohibited without Advance Appliance Ltd. Permission or Approval . Permission can be acquired by contacting us with Formal or Informal, via email or hard copy paper, signed by both parties if approve by Advance Appliance Ltd. Management Team. Any cooperative actions planned or performed by customers or other parties involved are not permitted for doing such actions without getting an approval or permission from our Team. Customers security camera are for security use and are only be used in such safety or security concerns or summoned by court. Uploading it to any social media or public access will violate our technicians right to privacy within this terms . If you don’t agree with our terms, don’t continue to use our service or cancel your appointment with us. We protect our technicians privacy the same as we protect all of our customers privacy.

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