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We believe in transparent pricing, and there are no hidden costs or surprises in our service.

Please Note: Timeframe may change with short notice. But we always try our best to be within the timeframe you selected. Every Assessment and Repair will vary in this case we cant provide specific arrival time or the duration of work will be completed.

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Initial Assessment

Upon receiving a request for appliance repair, the technician begins by understanding the specific issue described by the client.

They may ask for additional details to assess the problem more accurately.

The technician schedules an appointment for a visit to the client's location.

Diagnostic Inspection

The technician arrives at the client's home and conducts a thorough inspection of the appliance.

They use specialized tools and equipment to identify the root cause of the problem.

The technician checks for any visible signs of damage, tests various components, and runs diagnostic tests if required.

Repair Plan and Cost

Develop a repair plan outlining the required steps and replacement parts, if needed.

Provide a detailed cost estimate, including labor charges and the cost of necessary parts.

Ensure transparency and answer client questions regarding the repair process.

Repair and Replacement

The technician begins the repair process by carefully disassembling the appliance, following manufacturer guidelines and safety protocols.

Faulty components are repaired or replaced with new ones, ensuring compatibility and adherence to industry standards.

If necessary, the technician conducts additional tests to verify the functionality of the repaired components.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Once the repairs are complete, the technician conducts comprehensive tests to ensure the appliance is functioning correctly.

They verify that all repaired components are working as intended, and the initial issue has been resolved.

The technician ensures proper calibration, if applicable, and conducts any necessary adjustments to optimize performance.

Cleaning and Final Inspection

Clean the repaired appliance, removing dust or debris.

Conduct a final inspection to ensure all repair work meets high standards.

Provide detailed information on repairs performed and recommendations for future maintenance.

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Ma. Derlina Mora
Ma. Derlina Mora
Great service! The technician were very careful in fixing my appliances! Indeed a great company!
Jonathan Misa
Jonathan Misa
The service was good and the technician were very kind and approachable! The best appliance solution in town! Very recommended.
Priscela Rae Roa
Priscela Rae Roa
The technician were very responsible. I love the quality of service and the cost is worth it! The best company ever!
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